Nikki Foster

Sales & Marketing Consultant

I've dedicated over 25 years of my life to the vibrant world of hospitality, and it's more than just a career—it's my enduring passion. As a Regional Director of Sales & Marketing, my journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I treasure my roles as a mother and a pet parent. My daughter, Madison, is currently thriving in UC Irvine's Nursing program. At home, I find solace in the loving presence of Luna, my loyal canine companion, and Apollo, my equally cherished feline friend.

My life isn't solely defined by professional achievements; I'm equally committed to giving back to my community through volunteer work. And when I'm not at work or engaged in philanthropy, I relish in quality time with my family, both human and furry. I'm an avid reader and an adrenaline seeker, often found lost in the pages of a captivating book or cheering on my favorite drivers at Sprint Car races.

In my roles as a seasoned Regional Director and a dedicated family-oriented individual, I strive to embody the values of success and balance that define me.